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Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu

by compassionate beans
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Costa Rica’s Coffee History

The history of Costa Rican coffee began in 1854 when a group of visionaries in import-export, took on a complicated task: to export coffee directly to London, England.

These forward-looking businessmen were aided by Mr. William Le Lacheur, the Captain of the English sailing vessel, Monarch, which transported sacks of 100 pound coffee to Europe.

The coffee business has had success since, up to and including our Golden Bean that we know today. The growth and marketing of our coffee changed forever this sleepy little corner of the Spanish Empire. Our country was modernizing: the younger generations with intellectual thoughts were able to continue their university studies in cities like London and returned to Costa Rica as doctors and engineers and contributed to the improvement, quality and style of life for all of Costa Rica


Tarrazú coffee beans are hard, with a tightly closed fissure. Produced at high altitudes and with a late ripening cycle, Tarrazú coffee is highly regarded throughout the world. Altitude: 1,200 to 1,700 meters (approx. 3,950-5,590 feet)

Cupping Notes 

Another great delivery from Coop Dota, they continue to produce excellent coffees from the Tarrazu region.  At a medium roast we found a lively acidity offering sweet tangerine, lime, and cherry notes.  The body is well-developed and the balance is just right – leaving your palate with lingering, creamy chocolate tones. 

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